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Client's Responsibility

This project demands significant involvement by the client. Ultimate success is highly dependent on your effort. To help achieve a smooth and successful implementation, it will be your responsibility to:

1. Provide and assist with all content pertaining to web pages, modules, layouts, and pictures. Explanations and descriptions for each content section of a web page must be written out, (preferably in electronic format) in order to insure a clear understanding of what is expected by client and consultant. (Templates can be provided to assist in this process.)

2. Provide any marketing materials, which will assist in the success of the project. These materials pertain to any media that is written, designed, electronic, or published advertisements.

3. Provide all information and contacts for venders, merchant accounts, and services that will be needed for communications for business to business operations.

4. Agree on webpage layouts for each web page is required to make the website user friendly for visitors. Once a layout for each web page is accepted this will assist in the design of animations and effects so these designs will appear correctly on the website.

5. Complete Smetsys Software Solutions Web creation strategy with the Graphic artist and Web designer to form a timeline and agree on web project milestones. A detail timeline will be delivered and signed off on once the Web Creation strategy is completed.