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Milestone & Project Deadlines

Smetsys Software Solutions employs full time development staffs which include Web Developers, Graphic Artist and Programmers. Once a contract agreement is signed Smetsys Software Solutions uses its formulated strategy for successful Web site projects. The process is just as important as the product and our team develops a timeline with every website. On average a website can be built and designed within 30 to 60 days from the date the contract is signed. In the industry this is called a go live date or target date. This go live date is listed below above client signature line.

A web site is personal expression of your business and in order for that vision to become a reality; Smetsys Software Solutions expects both the client and staff put in ample effort for the web project to be completed on time. A usual reason for a deadline to be missed is because content is not completed. This pertains to pictures, web page layouts, web page content descriptions of each page, and not receiving information in a timely fashion. If these delays are because of Smetsys Software Solutions, Smetsys Software Solutions will notify the client within a minimum of 3 business days before a deadline. Smetsys Software Solutions ask that every client use the same courtesy if they cannot meet a deadline.

During the development process every website is setup on Smetsys Software Solutions test servers so staff and client can view the website for input and analysis. This eliminates dissatisfaction and keeps the project moving in the right direction.