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Explanation of Service

When thinking about having a website created for your company there are many aspects to think about. Here at Smetsys Software Solutions, We understand that and are here to help your decision process more fluid. When a contract is signed and the client is ready to have their website started, Smetsys Software Solutions will have a one on one meeting with the client to discuss all of the website needs. A graphic designer will be present to discuss any and all layout options and ideas. Once a general layout is agreed upon, Smetsys Software Solutions will generate a Content Management System for the client. This Content Management System will allow the client to have a secure log-in to their website where they can generate any text needed for the website. This process is much like editing content on popular social networking sites such as Facebook or any social media sites. Once the content management system is in place, the developer will apply the design layout to the website and make sure that all of the functionality is completed. Once the functionality is complete, the website will go under a rigorous error trapping test to make sure that all bugs are removed from the website. Once the client has looked over the entire site and given the ok to launch the website, Smetsys Software Solutions will launch the website and host it in their data warehouse. Once the website is launched the Search Engine Optimization phase will be started. This process consists of XML Sitemaps to be submitted to Google and Yahoo as well as valid coding practices and mark-up. During the creation process valid coding will be used to ensure the website is search engine friendly. The user will have complete control over Meta information to ensure up to date keywords and company descriptions.

Explanation of Benefits

When the project is complete, Smetsys Software Solutions will have successfully implemented a new web Site for the client. Benefits will include a new web presence located at the available domain of your choice. The site will contain a full content management system to give the client complete control over the website and its content. The website will hosted on Smetsys Software Solutions’ web servers and all information will be up to date and optimized for performance. The Client will then have the ability to refer potential clients to web site to access information as well as make changes to his website when they feels necessary.